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Venta Online Sin Gastos de Envio

ISBN 978-84-943213-3-7

Formato 17,5x21,5 cm

84 páginas

Encuadernación hardcover

Impresión colour

Idioma english | también disponible en gallego japonés español

Precio 20.00 €

An Illustrated Guide of the Cathedral of Santiago

Guión de Marta González Vázquez | Dibujos de Joaquin González Dorao

IN SANTIAGO it all probably started around 814-830. The Iberian Peninsula had suffered the Arab invasion a century earlier and only the north resisted against the new conquerorsIn a hidden corner of the kingdom of Asturias, where the resistance against the Muslim enemy was concentrated, lies an ancient sepulchre. News spreads across the kingdom and beyond, and this tomb is soon identified with that of the Apostle St James, who according to tradition had come to Hispania to preach the Gospel. The site, where a small church was erected in the style of the pre-Romanesque Asturian churches, soon became a centre of pilgrimage for an ever increasing number of faithful.

Carrera del Conde, 6 - 3º izquierda
15705 Santiago de Compostela
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